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We provide expert air conditioning repair services to Travis County, Texas with after hour emergency services available. You can count on TemperaturePro for honest, transparent prices, and fast, professional service by experienced HVAC professionals.

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We pride ourselves on giving you the comfort you need in your home or business. When your AC system begins to malfunction, you can rely on the AC repair experts at TemperaturePro to bring your air conditioner back to healthy working condition.

Struggling AC systems are typically a result of one or two components failing, which means you need replacement parts. Give us a call as soon as you notice something wrong with your AC in order to prevent cascading problems that can escalate to expensive repairs.

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“Dean, Chris and their team were great in diagnosing our A/C problem, efficiently obtaining parts and completing the repairs with a surprise issue added on!

They were professional, polite, courteous and very accommodating. We couldn’t be happier, especially since the first company could not even tell what the problem was!

Thank you Temperature Pro! We will certainly recommend your company.” – J.C.

“These guys are great! They found the problem and fixed it in the best possible, cost effective way. I’ll be calling them back over and over. Nice to find a company who returns phone calls, and has good business etiquette. They care of their customers and it shows!” – C.P.

“Day 1 technician arrived to diagnose. Needed a new evaporator coil. The scheduled the work and got it done quickly. Everyone from the company seemed knowledgeable and friendly and were happy to answer all my questions. Would definitely recommend them.” – G.T.

How to Know When You Need AC Repair

Here are a few signs and indicators that your AC system requires repair from a certified HVAC professional:

  • Weird noises coming from the AC unit
  • Utility bills that seem to keep increasing month over month
  • Unit is over 10 years old
  • The blower never turns off, keeps running no matter what
  • Your indoor air temperatures don’t match your thermostat settings
  • Uneven temperatures throughout your home – one room is freezing while another is burning up
  • Your home doesn’t get cooler when the AC unit is turned on

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Why Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot Air

AC Isn’t Blowing Cold Air?

When your AC system stops cooling and starts blowing warm air, this is a sign your condenser requires repair.

What is a Condenser?

The condenser is the large metal cube that sits outside of your home. When it comes to air conditioning, the condenser is where most of the work cooling your home takes place. Components of a condenser include the refrigerant, compressor, condenser coil, electromagnet, fan, capacitor, relay switches, and more. Depending on the make and model of your system, the mechanics can vary.

What Could Be Wrong with the Condenser?

AC Condenser Repair

  • Clogged condensate drain line
  • Electricity not received
  • Damaged or rusted drain pan
  • Condensate pump is broken
  • Broken capacitor or coil
  • Air filter is too dirty
  • Low refrigerant

If you notice a leak or your condenser makes strange noises when the fan turns on, this is when you should call an AC technician. You don’t want to wait because the issue can worsen beyond repair, at which point you would need to purchase an entirely new system.

Save yourself the time, money, and stress, call TemperaturePro today!

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Air Conditioner Leak Repair

A sign that there is a problem with your condensate drain line is when your air conditioner starts to leak water.

What is a Condensate Drain Line?

Condensate Drain Line Repair

Usually underneath your sink, there is a condensate drain line is a pipe that directs condensation that fell from the evaporator coil into the drain pan to a drain line in your home.

It could also be one of these other issues:

  • Clogged condensate drain line
  • Damaged or rusted drain pan
  • Condensate pump is broken
  • Air filter is too dirty
  • Low refrigerant

We cannot determine a cause of a leak without visiting your home or business.

Call TemperaturePro today and one of our HVAC experts will solve the problem with your leaky air conditioner!

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Preventative HVAC Maintenance Plan

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Want to save money on your HVAC services? Join the Total Comfort Club! Regular preventative HVAC maintenance lowers your monthly utility bills, reduces the need for expensive repairs, and extends the life of your entire system, delaying the inevitable purchase of a brand new HVAC unit.

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