Hiring an HVAC Technician? Here’s What You Should Be Looking For.

There’s no doubt that you’ll need to hire an HVAC technician at some point… since you’re reading this, you’re probably looking to hire a technician now! Don’t know a lot about HVAC technicians? Want to make sure you’re hiring the right one? Keep reading!

So, what are HVAC technicians exactly? HVAC technicians are specifically trained to install, repair and maintain heating and cooling systems.

This is a pretty important job and you want it done properly in order to avoid future issues. Let’s go through some of the qualifications your technician should have!

Ample Experience

You don’t need a senior technician repairing your systems. But you should hire a crew that has several years of experience under their belts.

It’s reassuring to know that your technician has seen this problem before and knows the best possible solution for you.

Another factor you should look for is the brand experience. Ensure that your HVAC technician has experience in installing and repairing that brand of equipment they are working with.

Qualified HVAC installers receive sufficient training and education around specific brands so they fully understand the equipment and different models.

The Right Credentials

This is very important to know about your technician! Are they properly certified to even do the work you need? They should be!

Be sure the HVAC company you’re considering has certified technicians who have gone through proper training. And, see if they are transparent about their certifications!

Also, your state might require a specific license for HVAC repair. Look into this!

You want to be sure your technician is trained to install HVAC systems correctly according to building codes.

Technicians with all the right credentials and certifications provide more advantages, skills, education and higher quality service to customers. You want to be satisfied with your technician and their work, right?

Positive References

Listen to your friends! Pay attention to your Facebook feed! Are people recommending certain technicians or HVAC companies? They’re probably worth checking out then!

Word of mouth advertising is oftentimes the most reliable resource! Take another person’s referral.

You can also ask a technician for referrals. If they’re not willing to provide reports from past customers, that’s a red flag!

Your HVAC technician should be likeable AND do a good job. References from other people will attest to that! Do they execute efficient service? Do they also provide appropriate customer service?

Prices, Warranties, and Refunds… OH MY!

You should care more about experience and credentials than cost. If those things line up among technicians, then look for the better price offer. Inexperienced technicians will offer lower prices.

Also, you want to make sure your HVAC technician will follow the warranty terms of your system. This is what a good technician should do, and it’s what you deserve!

When it comes to refunds, you should receive full disclosure on company policies! A reputable company will always work with you to find a solution even if you can’t get your money back.

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