Three Natural Ways to Reduce Humidity at Home

Are you sick of home humidity? Excess humidity indoors can result in mildew and mold. We all know the kind of long-term damage and cost that can cause… so how do you get rid of the humidity? TemperaturePro’s experts came up with 3 NATURAL ways to reduce humidity in the home. Keep reading to learn what they are!

Step #1 is to figure out the source of the excess humidity in your home. Once you’ve established that, try these all-natural remedies!

Air Circulation

Circulated air dries faster than still air. So, set your fans to summer or winter rotation. Implement the use of kitchen and bathroom ventilation systems. And, open your windows. Air that’s moving is happy air! And, happy air is dry, damage-free air!

Make Repairs

Sometimes, you need to repair parts of your house that could be contributing to an abundance of moisture. Replace damaged shingles, clear out your gutters, apply weatherstrip around doors, and seal basement walls. These are simple repairs that can make a big difference in the moisture level of your home!

Moisture Reduction

You can do this in multiple different ways! Use throw rugs as a barrier from hard flooring, cut down on the number of plants inside your home, turn on the hood fan above the stove while you’re cooking, and purchase a dehumidifier.

There ya go! All effective and natural methods for getting rid of yucky home humidity and, better yet, reduce future costs and stresses. When it comes to your home, natural is better. But, proactivity is even better!

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